Language Arts

All English class choices require a teacher’s signature for approval. | Please refer to the Academic Planning Guide for complete information.


Jennifer Barmore, English 4
Cale Borne, English 4
Adam Brown, English 2, AP English 3
Joseph Brownfield, Pre AP English 2 and Journalism
Cherie Correa, Dual Credit English 3 and Dual Credit English 4
Jenna Crosson, English 3
Peni Green, English 2
Lindsey Lee, English 2
Lauren Malone, Pre-AP English 2; English i-Coach
Kellye Nye, English Specialist/Team Leader
Deidre Stevens, English 1; Pre-AP English 2
Kevin Reed, Pre-AP English 1
Shayna Sauers, English 1
Renae Simons, AP English 4, Academic Decathlon
Pepper Smith, Pre-AP English 1
Susanne Stafford, AP English 3; English 3
Melissa Stephenson, English 1 & 3, Academic Literacy
Monika Whitsett, English 3
Pete Wise, English 1, Annual/Yearbook