Our Mission

The Fine Arts Department at Friendswood High School is a student-centered department whose philosophy focuses on the arts through drama, music, dance, art and speech.

We believe that the fine arts provide students with the opportunities to exhibit self discipline, share in the group experience, develop personal skills that will prepare students to communicate and complete in a world of many diverse communities and cultures by making art.

As a Theatre Department our philosophy is summarized by something we remind our students of: “How you work on stage is how you will work in real life.”

I ask my students to be generous with each other and to trust that they are enough. Although we are quite proud of our products, we teach process as a cooperative effort between students, directors, instructors, parents, community; and, most importantly, self. We train actors to work towards unity and harmony among all the components of theatre.

Being actor centered we encourage students to find their inner beauty and spirits as they work in class and in performance. It is our goal that as they make these discoveries through use of exercises, games and analysis of characters, they will be ready to embrace through dramatic literature and performance the beauty of the human experience.

The FHS Theatre Department teaches Theatre Arts I-V and Technical Theatre I-IV, each providing a progressive in depth study of theatre, acting techniques, and technical-theatre aspects in both full-stage and arena-style theatre.

Kathy Powdrell
Friendswood High School Theatre Director
Texas Educational Theatre Association Board of Directors K-12 At Large
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Friendswood, Texas 77546
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