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The Gifted Program at FHS

Students identified as gifted are encouraged to enroll in Advanced Placement classes in their areas of strength or interest. AP classes are offered in the English, math, science, social studies, foreign language, and fine arts disciplines. For a complete listing of AP courses, prerequisite courses, and course descriptions, see the Friendswood High School Academic Planning Guide. Students and parents should consult with a counselor to determine appropriate placement. For information about Pre-AP and AP classes: visit this webpage.

Program Goals


Qualitative responses to differences in gifted students:
• To develop in each student an awareness, acceptance and a positive utilization of his/her giftedness.
• To assist in the development of the student’s emotional maturity allowing him/her to accept responsibility for self, to sense a need of others, and to respond to that need effectively.
• To enhance the gifted student’s quest for learning, to develop student skills in planning personal learning experiences, and to develop self-directed (independent) learning skills.
• To develop skills and abilities in the advanced levels of thinking (analysis, synthesis, and evaluation).
• To foster flexibility in the in-depth exploration of unknown areas; to encourage the development of advanced products, challenging existing ideas and generating new ideas; to encourage the development of products using new materials, techniques and forms; to develop skills in locating real and appropriate avenues for sharing products.
• To develop the student’s capacity to internalize advanced concepts relevant to broad-based issues, themes and problems.

A student may be nominated for the gifted and talented program by a teacher, counselor, administrator, parent, or student. Once a nomination is made, a screening will be conducted. The screening committee will consist of the counselor, student’s teacher, and one of the designated GT teachers. An administrator may also serve on this committee. The screening committee will review the student’s achievement, actual classroom performance, information from the referral source and/or parents, and any other available information, which is deemed appropriate. The committee may require the student to submit a portfolio. If the screening committee’s recommendation is to formally test the student, then parent permission will be obtained first. Testing is completed by district and/or contract staff at the campus.