Health Overview

The objective of the Health course is to promote wellness; an overall state of well-being, or total health. The health class focuses on becoming physically, emotionally, and socially balanced to create a healthy lifestyle.

Physical Education Overview

The objective in the PE classes is to promote lifetime fitness through a wide range of activities and disciplines of cardiovascular health.

Athletic Training Overview

To provide medical service to our athletes through evaluations, treatments and rehabilitations of injuries and illness as well as to promote the profession of athletic training.


Megan Duncan, Sports Medicine
Sarah Paulk, PE, Team Leader, Teen Leadership
Eric LeBlanc, ASC Director
Shane Deel, Health
Stephen Peter, Boys PE
Craig Sikkema, Natatorium Supervisor/Head Swim Coach
Candice Taggart, Sports Medicine
Jonathan Utsey, Sports Medicine
Christa Yates, Health
Kerri Yee, Cheerleading