Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, College Credit & MORE

• Math teachers will provide guidance and counseling regarding student placement in Math classes.

• Please refer to the Academic Planning Guide (Spanish APG) for complete information.

Faculty 2020-2021

Stephanie Barnell, Algebra 2, Advanced Algebra
Amanda Bielamowicz, Math Specialist/Team Leader
Tamara Bullington, Algebraic Reasoning, Pre-Calculus
Lindsie Craven, Conceptual Algebra 2, Pre-AP Algebra 2, Advanced Algebra CP
Mary Gillespie, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, and Pre-AP Pre Calculus
Jerry Linch, AP Statistics & Dual Credit Math
Caleb Marburger, Pre-Calculus, Pre-AP Algebra 2
Karla Mendoza, Algebra 1, Pre-AP Geometry
Jennifer Millner, Algebra 1, Pre-AP Geometry
Angela Molen, Business Calculus, Pre-AP Algebra 2
Lisa Nickerson, Pre-AP Pre-Calculus and Pre-AP Geometry, iCoach
Kevin Parr, Geometry
Ashley Phelan, Algebra 1, Pre-AP Geometry
Deborah Rogers, Advanced Algebra, Algebra II, College Prep Math
Tiffany Thomas, Geometry
Jalna Westerfeld, AP Calculus AB
Kerri Yee, Pre-AP Pre-Calculus, Pre-AP Algebra 2