Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and much MORE

• Science teachers will provide guidance and counseling regarding student placement in Science classes
• Please refer to the Academic Planning Guide for complete information.


Kristen Balch, Biology, Pre-AP Biology
Rae Barnes - Chemistry, Conceptual Chemistry
Ty Bush, Physics
Amanda Davies - Earth & Space Science, Biology
Rebecca Clark, Physics, Food Science
Travis Moore, Chemistry, Physics
Stephanie Dudley, ChemistryPre-AP Chemistry
Nicole Erfurdt, Biology, AP Biology, Science iCoach
Megan Holmes, Biology,Chemistry
Madeleine LeBoeuf, Biology
Megan Marshall, Tech PrinciplesForensic Science
Don McGowan, AP Physics I & II
Kara Osborne, PLTW Human Body Systems, Biology
Vanessa Parker, Pre-AP Chemistry, AP Chemistry
Laura Peter, Pre-AP Biology
Daron Scott, Forensic Science
Dawne Welch, AP Environmental Science, IPC, ISM, Project Based Research
Arden Zimmerman, Science Specialist/Team Leader