Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and much MORE

• Science teachers will provide guidance and counseling regarding student placement in Science classes.
• Please refer to the Academic Planning Guide (Spanish APG) for complete information.


Kristen Balch, Biology, Pre-AP Biology, AP Environmental Science
Rae Barnes - Chemistry, Conceptual Chemistry
Ty Bush, Physics, Pre-AP Physics
Amanda Davies - Earth & Space Science, Biology
Rebecca Clark, Physics, Food Science
Nicole Erfurdt, Biology, AP Biology, Science iCoach
Megan Holmes, Chemistry
Dakota Jones, Biology, IPC
Madeleine LeBoeuf, Biology
Megan Marshall, Tech PrinciplesForensic Science
Don McGowan, AP Physics I & II
Travis Moore, Chemistry, Physics
Kara Osborne, PLTW Human Body Systems, Biology
Vanessa Parker, Pre-AP Chemistry, AP Chemistry
Laura Peter, Pre-AP Biology
Daron Scott, Forensic Science
Dawne Welch, IPC, ISM, Project Based Research, Pre-AP Chemistry
Arden Zimmerman, Science Specialist/Team Leader