History, Government, Geography, Economics, Electives

FACULTY 2020-2021

Brian Bielamowicz, US History
Robert Blankenship, US History/World History
Bruce Bolden, Pre-AP World Geography, Economics
David Cook, Economics
Casey Devers, World Geography
Katie Ellis, Pre-AP World Geography, AP Human Geography, iCoach
Steven Griffith, World Geography
Seth Harris, World Geography, World History
Brannon Jackson, World History
Zach Johnson, U.S. History
Ray Monahan, AP World History
Nathan Roher, AP World History, AP European History
Jennifer Sicuro, Team Leader, AP Macroeconomics & AP U.S. History
Ted Thomas, World History, US Government
Corey Truman, U.S. History
Elizabeth WoodleyU.S. Government, AP Government

Please refer to the Academic Planning Guide
(Spanish APG) for complete information.

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