Webpage.psf42nd Street is a musical with a book by Michael Stewart and Mark Bramble, lyrics by Al Dubin, and music by Harry Warren.

Act I – “Audition” • “Young and Healthy” • “Shadow Waltz” • “Go into Your Dance” • “You’re Gettin to Be a Habit with Me” • “Getting Out of Town” • “Dames” • “I Know Now” • “We’re in the Money”

Act II – “There’s a Sunny Side to Every Situation” • “Lullaby of Broadway” • “About a Quarter to Nine” • “Shuffle Off to Buffalo” • “Forty-Second Street”

Based on the classic 1933 movie musical of the same name, 42nd Street tells the story of a starry-eyed young actress named Peggy Sawyer who has come to audition for the new Julian Marsh musical that is about to open on Broadway. Unfortunately, Peggy can’t seem to work up the nerve to walk through the stage door until it’s too late–the audition is over. But not to worry! Peggy soon catches the eye of the famous director, and when the chorus turns up one girl short, Peggy gets her big break. But Peggy can’t seem to stay in the good graces of the show’s aging leading lady, Dorothy Brock, and on opening night, another Dancer accidentally pushes Peggy into Ms. Brock who falls and breaks her ankle. The furious director fires Peggy on the spot. Discouraged and ready to give up all her dreams of becoming a star, Peggy packs her bags and heads for the train station, but fate has other plans and Peggy may turn out to be a star yet!

42nd Street opened at the Winter Garden Theatre on August 25, 1980 with a cast that featured Jerry Orbach (Julian Marsh), Lee Roy Reams (Billy), Wanda Richert (Peggy), and Tammy Grimes (Dorothy). The original production–which moved to the Majestic Theatre on March 30, 1981, enjoyed a run of 3,486 performances.

Plot Origin

Producer: Myrlene Kennedy
Drama Director: Kathy Powdrell
Vocal Music: Janwin Overstreet-Goode
Choreographer: Ashley Marmaro
Accompanist: Sheila Keyes
Instrumental Music: Julio Sanchez

February 21, 22, 28, March 1, 2014 at 7 pm
March 2, 2014 at 2:30 pm

Tommy Tune Award Nominations:
Best Direction
Best Choreography
Best Musical Direction
Best Orchestra
Best Scenic Design
Best Ensemble/Chorus

Pictures in SmugMug

Julian Marsh – Max Bowen
Peggy Sawyer – Samantha McHenry
Billy Lawlor – Jon Yawn
Dorothy Brock – Jenny Plackemeier
Maggie Jones – Jana Landers
Bert Barry – Caleb Petty
Abner Dillon – Dylan Dickens
Andy Lee – Troy Beckman
Pat Denning – Kevin Hodge
Mac – Nathaniel Williams
Frankie – Austin Melis
Ann Reilly – Julia Conger
Lorraine Fleming – Audrey McKee
Gladys – Sarah McAdams
Diane Lorimer – Noelle Kutz
Ethel – Nattie Wroblewski

Jeremy Gretzer
Lane Griffon
Dawson Guerrettaz
Katherine Harclerode
Mackenzie Henderson
Connor Henry
Kirsten Hill
Uyen Hoang
Haden Hotlje
Regan Hughes
Oliver Jones
Connor Krusleski
Lauren Kutz
Sevren Lab
Bode Lowe
Madison Lucas
Zozzie Lucas
Abby Mapp
Annica Marcuccio
Dante Marcuccio
Skylar McHenry
Megan Mills
Meagan Mohr

Max Morgan
Nate Naaykens
Rhea Naaykens
Owen O’Neill
Cassie Pierce
Lauren Podlewski
Alexis Rachita
Madeline Rhew
Julia Robinson
Elaina Roher
Maggie Roher
Alex Rudd
Caroline Senter
Clayton Senter
Brie Sharp
Katie Sharp
Quinn Swanson
Joshua Thomas
Aiden Tones
Cade Tucker
JoJo Twyford
Cassidy Weeks
Matt Williams
Noelle Zoch

Shelby Allison
Melissa Archer
Nadia Asgari-Tari
Gina Baker
Anne Balderrama
Summer Bockart
Briann Brannon
Brian Chew
Chris Collins
Sarah Cragin
Lucinda Culver
Ashton Davis
Abbey Dean
Kyle Dickens
Justin Dorrell
Nathan Drake
Jordan Elguezabal
Catherine Evans
Jordan Foster
Marissa Froneberger
Tatum Garvin
Pahno Georgeton
Claire Gilbreath
Clint Goodwin
Mia Purdom – Flute
Marissa Burge – Piccolo
Chris Chao – Clarinet
Sean Jankowski – Clarinet
Selina Vickery – Clarinet

Shellie Anderson – Bass Clarine
Adrian Falco – Alto Sax
David Bordelon – Tenor Sax
Nate Johnson – Bari Sax
Aubrey Chalene – French Horn
Tyler Bandini – Trumpet

Taylor Stump – Trumpet
Austin de la Rua – Trumpet
James Antal – Trombone
Logan Miller – Trombone
Matt Bendixen – Percussion
Chris Neagu – Bass

Student Technical Director
Mitchell Mills
Stage Managers
Sarah Jacobson
Meghan Perry
Light Crew
Brian Cianciolo
Chris Brewer
Sound Crew
Samantha Brown
Lauryn Goodman
Set Head
Trey Hamby
Backstage Sound
Meghan Perry
Danielle Hernandez
Leighane Breaux
Adela Gonzalez
Lydia Wooten
Phillip Bammann
Shae Blehm
Daira Brayley
Justin Brown
Sarah Chew
Kayla Davis
Jalen Foster
Charlie Gackler
Tanner Garvin
Chad Gaspard
Christopher Johnston
Edvard Kraakmo
Jackson McDonald
Codi Nehi
Micheal Otto
Micheal Presley
Donovan Rowley
Karen Wade
Ayman Youssef