BagpipesArtWorkBrigadoon is a musical with a book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner and music by Frederick Loewe.

Once In The Highlands, Brigadoon, Down On MacConnachy Square, Waitin’ For My Dearie, The Love of My Life, Sword Dance and Reel, The Funeral, I’ll Go Home With Bonnie Jean, The Heather On The Hill, Come To Me Bend To Me, Almost Like Being In Love, There But For You I Go, The Chase, My Mother’s Weddin’ Day From This Day On, Brigadoon, Jeannie’s Packin Up

Tommy Albright is the romantic Yank who falls in love with the young Fiona MacLauren and has to make the choice of staying with his true love or going back to America to get married to the overpowering Jane Ashton. Jeff Douglas is Tommy’s sarcastic friend who is valiantly and hilariously pursued by the man-chasing Meg Brockie. Jean MacLauren and Charlie Dalrymple are a young couple who are to be married on the day the two visitors enter Brigadoon. Harry Beaton is Jean’s jilted suitor who threatens to leave Brigadoon and cause it to vanish forever and Mr. Lundie is the local schoolmaster who explains the tale of Brigadoon to the two travelers. Brigadoon is an enchanted village that appears for one day every 100 years. If anyone of the village leaves it will vanish forever. A stranger can stay if and only if he loves someone in the town enough to lose everything from the “real” world.
Director: Myrlene Kennedy
Music Music: Jerry Sedatole
Choreographer: Pat Wooley
Accompanist: Betty Hopper

LEADS (in order of appearance)
Carl Packard – Tommy Albright
Don Seiler – Jeff Douglas
Monroe Cooper – Sandy Dean
Sally Statz – Meg Brockie
Mike McLaughlin – Archie Beaton
Tom Long – Harry Beaton
Jerry Eitelbach – Andrew MacLaren
Cyndy Eignus – Fiona MacLaren
Debbie Hensley – Jean MacLaren
Kent Ballard – Angus Mc Guffiie
Mark Vale – Charlie Dalrymple
Mike Gulledge – Mr. Lundie
John Hemphill – Stuart Dalrymple
Frank Clark – Frank
Marilyn Kellum – Jane Ashton
Jerry Altemus – MacGregor
Producer:Dr. Myrlene Kennedy
Drama Director: Bennie Nipper
Vocal Music: Barbara Hazelip
Accompanist: Jackie Scott
Instrumental Music: Mark Harrell

LEADS (in order of appearance)
Johnathan Yancey – Tommy Albright
Kenny Hebert – Jeff Douglas
Jay Duffer – Sandy Dean
Jana Mora – Meg Brockie
Ken Johnson – Archie Beaton
Van Shaw – Harry Beaton
Jason Lee – Andrew MacLaren
Melissa Amburn – Fiona MacLaren
Isabel Brandt – Jean MacLaren
Kelly Smith – Angus Mc Guffie
Brian Larrison – Charlie Dalrymple
Deborah McElya – Maggie Anderson
Amy Boyd – Kate
Doug Teller – Mr. Lundie
Kelly Wick – Stuart Dalrymple
Lane Dyke – Frank
Kathie Womack – Jane Ashton
Tommy Tune Award: The 2009 production of Brigadoon received twelve nominations out of a possible fifteen, including Best Show, which provided our cast members the opportunity to perform segments of “Down in MacConnachy Square” and the “Sword Dance.” The Best Actor nomination provided Ryan Frenk the opportunity to perform on the stage of The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts in Houston. Trevor Janecek received one of the eight $3,000 scholarships presented by TUTS.

Producer: Dr. Myrlene Kennedy
Drama Director: Kathy Powdrell
Vocal Music: Janwin Overstreet-Goode
Choreographer: Melissa Jones
Accompanist: Laurie Purcell
Instrumental Music: Julio Sanchez
LEADS (in order of appearance)
Andrew McLaren: Charles Easterly
Angus MacGuppie (singing MacGregor per script: Allen Kirkpatrick)
Archie Beaton: Chris Hailey
Charlie Dalrymple: James VanMatre
Fiona MacLaren: Carly Taylor
Frank: TBD
Harry Beaton: Derek Schilling
Jane Ashton: Catherine Goode
Jean MacLaren: Emma Baker
Jeff Douglas: Nick Vennekotter
Kate: Emily Townsend
Meg Brokie: Jennifer Finch
Mr. Lundie: Colin David
Stuart Dalrymple: Andy Newton
Tommy Albright: Ryan Frenk
Maggie Anderson: Rachel Davidson
Sandy Dean: Jeff Allison

Jeff Allison
Justin Barringer
Katie Barton
Nikki Belle
Shane Bergeson
Audrey Bounds
Lizzy Conger
Mason Conrad
Allison Corcoran
Ethan Darden
Analisa del Pozo
Elisabeth Del Toro
Blythe Dever
Ashley Dinjar
Anna Drake
Meredith DuBose
Ashley Easterly
Stephen Feith
AmyJo Foreman
Brian Gallagher
Michael Gregory
Abbey Griffon
Jackson Griffon
Chase Harris
Chris Harris
Ethan Hart
Meagan Holmes
Kevin Honan
JP Hranitzky
Peter Kaminksy
Kaylee Huff
Jacob Karam
Josh Karam
Daniel Kriel
Lindsey Landers
Elliott Landon
Kayla Lincoln
Lesley Lowry
Solange Mainer
Athena Metaxas
Jonathan Miller
Jacob Morton
Alan Murphy
Jon Olansen
Colleen Owen
Lauren Parker
Mason Patterson
Ben Peck
Stephanie Porter
Rachel Rowlands
Derek Schilling
Haleigh Stubbs
Julia Taylor
Emily Thomasson
Zack Thompson
Thuy Tran
Allison Unger
Paige VanWieren
Hannah Vaughn
Victoria Vaughn
Courtney Vernon
Michelle Wallace
Ben Watt
Grace Worm
Kayla Wright
Zach Zeringue
Chris Anton
Aaron Arribe
Jordyn Baker
Alex Brunson
Bryce Burton
Jesse Caswell
Lucas Coltharp
Chris Cotter
Lucas Courtright
Blake DeWitt
Chris Frailey
Michael Graham
Sarah Gibson
Dominic Hari
Paul Harrington
Laura Hertl
Trevor Janecek
Lilin Jin
Paul Kerstiens
Alex Mata
Megan Matthews
Ryan Miniot
Michael Moeller
Cam Morris
Daniel Nandin
Andrew Philp
Braunsen Price
Juliana Ramirez
Meghan Rutledge
Zach Solerno
Catie Steele
Scott Sundstrom
Sean Thornton
Emily Tiemann
Mark Walker
Lauren Whittington
Abbie Arribe
Ben Braun
Cheryl Bueche
Paul Cimini
Matthew Cox
Lacy Eason
Yianni Georgeton
Clark Hibbs
Chelsea Lott
Kristen Olson
Brenna Patrick
Freddie Patrick
Jeremy Poast
Josh Smith
Justin Strickland
Adam Valdez



2009 Tommy Tune Awards