BagpipesArtWorkBrigadoon is a musical with a book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner and music by Frederick Loewe.

Once In The Highlands, Brigadoon, Down On MacConnachy Square, Waitin’ For My Dearie, The Love of My Life, Sword Dance and Reel, The Funeral, I’ll Go Home With Bonnie Jean, The Heather On The Hill, Come To Me Bend To Me, Almost Like Being In Love, There But For You I Go, The Chase, My Mother’s Weddin’ Day From This Day On, Brigadoon, Jeannie’s Packin Up

Tommy Albright is the romantic Yank who falls in love with the young Fiona MacLauren and has to make the choice of staying with his true love or going back to America to get married to the overpowering Jane Ashton. Jeff Douglas is Tommy’s sarcastic friend who is valiantly and hilariously pursued by the man-chasing Meg Brockie. Jean MacLauren and Charlie Dalrymple are a young couple who are to be married on the day the two visitors enter Brigadoon. Harry Beaton is Jean’s jilted suitor who threatens to leave Brigadoon and cause it to vanish forever and Mr. Lundie is the local schoolmaster who explains the tale of Brigadoon to the two travelers. Brigadoon is an enchanted village that appears for one day every 100 years. If anyone of the village leaves it will vanish forever. A stranger can stay if and only if he loves someone in the town enough to lose everything from the “real” world.



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