tent-clip-artCarnival is a musical, originally produced on Broadway in 1961, with the book by Michael Stewart and music and lyrics by Bob Merrill under the direction of Gower Champion. The musical is based on the 1953 film Lili.

Direct from Vienna, Mira (Can you imagine that?), The sword, the cape rose and the cape, Very nice man, I’ve got to find a reason, Yes, my heart, Humming, Theme from “Carnival” (Love makes the world go ’round), Grand imperial cirque de Paris, Magic, Magic, Her face, mYum, ticky, ticky, tum, tum, The rich Beautiful candy, Everybody likes you / I hate him, Her face (reprise), Always, always you, Always, always you (reprise), She’s my love, Theme from “Carnival” (finale)

A love story about a traveling Circus Carnival is set in a dramatic and colorful setting. Set in the French countryside some time in the middle of the 20th century, this musical brings together both the bitter and the sweet sides of carnival existence as seen through the eyes of a recently orphaned young woman named Lily. She shows up at the carnival looking for a job and her encounters with the puppeteer and the magician set a new course for her life as well as the lives of everyone else in the carnival. Peopled by a variety of characters and interwoven with both drama and comedy, this musical is an event for the whole family to enjoy.