college-sports-supporter-1920sGood News is a musical with a book by Laurence Schwab and B.G. DeSylva, lyrics by DeSylva and Lew Brown, and music by Ray Henderson.

Students Are We • Good News • He’s a Ladies’ Mans • The Football Drill • Button Up Your Overcoat • Sour Apples • Together/My Lucky Star (Part 1) • Together/My Lucky Star (Part 2) • On the Campus • The Best Things In Life Are Free • You’re The Cream In My Coffee • The Varsity Drag • Lucky In Love

Today’s the Day • The Girl of Pi Beta Phi • Never Swat a Fly • Tait Song • Just Imagine • Keep Your Sunny Side Up • Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries

A Zany Salute to College Football in the Roaring 20’s! In the 1920s, colleges were reminiscent of country clubs, as is the case at the story’s fictional setting, Tait College. Football reigns king on the Tait campus and Tait’s collegians have a hot time keeping up with their star football player, Tom Marlowe. Most will drop everything to watch him practice, to do something to earn his favor, or follow the latest chapter in his soap-opera romance with the daughter of one of the school’s wealthiest benefactors. Only one girl seems oblivious to the folderol – Connie Lane, an intensely studious woman. Ironically, Connie is recruited to help when Marlowe fails the astronomy final he needs pass to in order to play in the big game Saturday. The story develops when the football star and the tutor fall for each other, and the football coach and the astronomy professor rekindle their own college romance. Inevitably, these couples’ love can only survive if the team wins the big game.
Tommy Tune Award: The 2004 production of Good News! received eleven nominations out of a possible sixteen including Best Actor, Sam Robinson, and Best Actress, Jennifer Richards. These nominations provided Sam and Jennifer the opportunity to perform solos on the stage of Hobby Center. The show won the Best Choreography Award much to the delight of the cast and our choreographer, Mrs. Kara Baker. The award was accepted by Meghan Jarrell.

Producer: Myrlene Kennedy
Drama Director: Kathy Powdrell
Vocal Music: Jane Ann Quevedo
Choreographer: Kara Baker
Accompanist: Cliette Hodges
Instrumental Music: Julio Sanchez

LEADS (in order of appearance)
Tom Marlowe – Sam Robinson
Connie Lane – Jennifer Richards
Babe O’Day – Alison Hunter
Bobby Randall – Paul Stuart
Professor Charlotte Kenyon – Ryan Mora
Coach Bill Johnson – Isaac Bourgeois
Pat Bingham – Alyson Currey
Pooch Kearney – Mitchell Blanchard
Millie – Lauren Kyle
Windy – Eric Van Hal
Flo – Molly Black
Slats – Cale Borne
Beef – Matt McGinley
Carda – Shelley Rudy
Lucy – Erin Scott
Sylvester – David Harris
Ticket Taker – Jason Barringer
Lefty – Matt Koncaba

Balkum, Laurianne
Barras, Jennifer
Barringer, Jason
Black, Molly
Bevan, Daniel
Blanchard, Mitchell
Blumentritt, Carla
Bond, PamEla
Borne, Cale
Bossert, Michelle
Bourgeois, Isaac
Bourgeois, Peter
Branscome, Whitney
Brown, Caleb
Bruchmiller, Ellen
Bueche, Michelle
Conner, James
Currey, Alyson
Currie, Logan
Davidson, Katie
Dinjar, Robert
Disiere, Brittany
Dowden, Courtney
Feith, Andy
Fields, Whitney
Forsythe, Lacie
Goldsmith, Baker
Hall, Jeremy
Harris, David
Hickey, Amy
Hughes, Jill
Hunt, Andrew
Hunter, Alison
Jarrell, Meghan
Johnson, Kyle
Keeble, Lauren
Klumpyan, Michelle
Koncaba, Matt
Krause, Caroline
Kyle, Lauren
Limmer, Melissa
Mann, Catherine
McConnell, Hunter
McGinley, Matt
Mintz, Rachel
Mora, Ryan
Mulder, Stephen
Mullins, Blake
Nesrsta, Laura
Ogden, Justin
O’Neill, Rhys
Ott, Catherine
Otto, Eric
Parker, Kassie
Pendley, Eryn
Regian, Devon
Richards, Jennifer
Robinson, Sam
Rudy, Shelley
Scott, Erin
Sheets, Nathan
Smith, Whitney
Stuart, Paul
Taylor, Trudy
Thompson, Kelley
Tiemann, James
Tiemann, Jayme
Unger, Adam
Van Hal, Eric


Ansell, Charles
Arnold, Erin
Barcak, Ethan
Bevan, Cameron
Boerner, Amanda
Bosco, Jessica
Buckley, Ryan
Bueso, Lucia
Burns, Jacob
Curtis, Kara
D’Ercole, Amanda
Danielson, Martin
Friedrich, Lisa
Gaido, Nick
Gray, Joshua
Hansen, Veronica
Herder, Liann
Jernigan, Katherine
Kistenmacher, Ryan
Krushin, Kelli
Le, Kim
Mathews, Sara
McDonald, Katlyn
Morris, Kira
Mossbarger, Hannah
Nhem, Steph
Pavelka, Josh
Penny, Tom
Potter, Jake
Rickard, Matt
Robbins, Mark
Salinas, Kim
Schulz, Elaine
Sharp, Cory
Smith, Meghan
Stewart, Jon
Ward, Ryan
Williams, Oliver
Wood, Chris
Zendt, John


Tommy Tune Awards 2004