Rolling-DiceGuys and Dolls is a musical with music and lyrics by Frank Loesser and book by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows. It is based on “The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown” and “Blood Pressure” – two short stories by Damon Runyon.

Act 1 – Runyonland, Fugue for Tinhorns, Follow the Fold, The Oldest Established, I’ll Know, A Bushel and a Peck, Adelaide’s Lament, Adelaide Meets Sara, Guys and Dolls, Havana, If I Were a Bell, My Time of Day

Act 2 – I’ve Never Been in Love Before, Take Back Your Mink, More I Cannot Wish You, The Crapshooters’ Dance, Luck Be a Lady, Sue Me, Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat, Marry the Man Today

Inspired by Damon Runyon’s tales of the NYC gambling scene,is the story of love, money, and salvation in New York City. The plot begins as gambler Nathan Detroit, accompanied by his cohorts Nicely-Nicely Johnson and Benny Southstreet, is unable to find a location in which to hold his floating crap game. He needs to secure $1000 with which he can bribe for himself a place for the game. So, he makes a bet with successful gambler Sky Masterson that Sky cannot take Sarah Brown (a sergeant at the Save-a-Soul Mission) to Havana for a day. Not only does Sky try to take Sarah to Havana, but also tries to win her heart. Meanwhile, Nathan has romantic troubles of his own. He constantly attempts to stay one step ahead of his fiancee, Miss Adelaide, who wants to get him to actually marry her after a decade-long engagement and is also trying to set him on the straight and narrow path.
Coordinator: Kathy Wood
Drama Director: Bennie Nipper
Vocal Music: Lois Carbajal
Choreographer: Kathy Wood
Instrumental Music: Joe Williams
LEADS (in order of appearance)
Tommy Crenshaw – Angie the Ox
Nancy Nelson – Miss Adelaide
Mike Yancey – Sky Masterson
Clay Jones – Joey Biltmore
Danna Newbrough – Mimi
Karen Hill – General Matlida Cartwright
Ken Collier – Big Julie
Kelly Williams – Nathan Detroit
Van Williams – Nicely-Nicely Johnson
Michael Morey – Benny Southstreet
Tony Hancock – Rusty Charlie
Catherine Carter – Sarah Brown
Rhonda Nichols – Arvida Abernathy
Robert Griffon – Harry the Horse
Kent Kaufhold – Lieutenant Brannigan
Hall Walling – Drunk
Cary Windler – Waiter
Tommy Tune Award: The 2003 production of Guys and Dolls received fourteen nominations out of a possible sixteen including Best Show, which provided our young men the opportunity to perform the FHS rendition of “Luck Be A Lady” on the stage of Hobby Center.

Producer: Myrlene Kennedy
Drama Director: Kathy Powdrell
Vocal Music: Jane Ann Quevedo
Choreographer: Kara Baker
Accompanist: Sharon Barron
Instrumental Music: Julio Sanchez

LEADS (in order of appearance)
Sky Masterson: SAM ROBINSON
Nathan Detroit: CONOR O’NEILL
Nicely-Nicely: CALEB BROWN
Benny Southstreet: ROBERT BOSSERT
Rusty Charlie: KYLE YOUNG
General Matilda Cartwright: JENNIFER DUPONT
Angie the Ox: MICHAEL LOWE

Antonini, Elizabeth
Baker, Sophie
Balkum, Laurianne
Barras, J.C.
Barringer, Jason
Bartlett, Olivia
Black, Molly
Blanchard, Mitchell
Blumentritt, Carla
Borne, Cale
Bossert, Marie
Bossert, Robert
Bourgeois, Isaac
Brauer, Allison
Brown, Caleb
Bueche, Michelle
Campbell, Jacob
Conner, James
Cook, Ashley
Currey, Alyson
Currie, Colette
Currie, Logan
Davidson, Katie
Davidson, Moriah
Deshotel, Jennifer
Dowden, Courtney
Dupont, Jennifer
Dutcher, Casidy
Taylor, Trudy
Hebert, Chris
Hickey, Amy
Hobratschk, John
Hughes, Jill
Hunt, Andrew
Hunter, Alison
Iyengar, Srinithya
Jarrell, Meghan
Johnson, Carrie
Kiessling, Ashley
Kirk, Jacklyn
Kirkpatrick, Kenton
Koncaba, Matt
Kyle, Lauren
Limmer, Andrew
Limmer, Melissa
Lowe, Michael
Mattox, Amber
McAfoos, Amy
McGinley, Matt
Montemayor, Samantha
Mora, Ryan
Nesrsta, Andrew
Nesrsta, Laura
O’Neill, Conor
O’Neill, Rhys
Pendley, Eryn
Penny, Tom
Y’Barbo, Brian
Ellisor, Amy
Fessler, Micah
Fields, Whitney
Fish, Lauren
Griffin, Amber
Hales, Caitlin
Hall, Jeremy
Harris, David
Sheets, Nathan
Smith, Courtney
Smith, Whitney
Snider, Jason
Steinhauser, Katie
Strauss, Jessica
Stuart, Paul
Talley, Daniel
Pitts, Andrew
Pruitt, Koy
Richards, Jennifer
Robinson, Sam
Rodgers, Amanda
Rudy, Shelley
Salsky, John
Scott, Erin
Tiemann, Jayme
Townsend, Mary Beth
Van Hal, Eric
Vogas, Joseph
Young, Kyle


Robert Lockwood
Adrienne Gaudiano
Angelica Spradley
Jenny Krajca
Kevin Yohn
Bobby Eason
Chris Smith
Andrew Campbell
Luke Salinas
Adam Brinkman
Jenny Thompson
Tracy Kelly
Michelle Wang
Sidney Latour
Brittany Wheeler
Taylor Cox
Keith Raney
Josh Thompson
Micah Peacock
Arolfo, Chris
Baker, Karol
Bevan, Cameron
Birkhead, Amy
Bueso, Lucia
Cooper, Alan
Currie, Mac
Duncanson, Claire
Friedrich, Lisa
Gaido, Nick
Gorski, Falesia
Kistenmacher, Ryan
Krushin, Kelli
Le, Kim
Lockard, Leahanne
Mansell, Christina
Manuel, Jacob
Mauer, Shea
Morris, Kira
Neal, Ashley
Nelson, Kalee
Nhem, Stephanie
Norris, Caleb
Nowalk, Brandon
Potter, Jake
Rickard, Matt
Robbins, Mark
Salinas, Kim
Sampson, Melissa
Sapaugh, Lauren
Schendel, Lindsey
Schulz, Elaine
Stewart, Jon
Stillwell, Samantha
Taylor, Stephanie
Timme, Matt
Taylor, Stephanie
Timme, Matt
VanAckeren, Jennifer
Vance, Sammie
Watson, Jessica
Wood, Chris
Zendt, John
Producer: Myrlene Kennedy
Drama Director: Kathy Powdrell
Vocal Music: Janwin Overstreet-Goode
Choreographer: Ashley Marmaro
Instrumental Music: Julio Sanchez

Musical Pictures in SmugMug

Best Direction
Best Choreography
Best Musical Direction
Best Orchestra
Best Crew and Technical Execution
Best Ensemble/Chorus
Best Supporting Actress – Haley Holtje as Adelaide
Best Featured Performer – Nathan Stevens as Arvide Abernathy

LEADS (in order of appearance)
Nicely-Nicely … Vinnie Mahal
Benny Southstreet. … Max Bowen
Rusty Charlie … Troy Beckman
Sarah Brown. … Samantha McHenry
Arvide Abernathy … Nathan Stevens
Agatha … Ellie Herder
Martha … Liz Buzbee
Harry the Horse … Kyle Sanders
Lt. Brannigan. … Brady Wells
Nathan Detroit … Conner Borne
Angie the Ox … Aaron Hollaway
Adelaide … Haley Holtje
Sky Masterson … Tommy Stuart
Joey Biltmore … Jon Yawn
Mimi … Kayla Cox
General Matilda B. Cartwright … Jenny Plackemeier
Big Jule … Dylan Dicken

Derek Abraham
Shelby Allison
Gina Baker
Anne Balderrama
Rayme Batts
Leah Blair
Summer Bockart
Briann Brannon
Curtis Cagle
Brian Chew
Ashton Clement
Chris Collins
Julia Conger
Max Conrad
Sarah Cragin
Lucinda Culver
Brittany Dolezal
Nathan Drake
Jordan Elguezabal
Jalan Foster
Jordan Foster
Marissa Froneberger
Tatum Garvin
Pahno Georgeton
Claire Gilbreath
Clint Goodwin
Clint Goodwin
Jeremy Gretzer
Lane Griffon
Katherine Harclerode
Connor Henry
Kirsten Hill
Uyen Hoang
Kevin Hodge
Haley Hoff
Sydney Huff
Regan Hughes
Oliver Jones
Connor Krusleski
Noelle Kutz
Jana Landers
Colleen Landis
Sean Lipscomb
Bodie Lowe
Abigail Mapp
Bryan Markley
Sarah McAdams
Skylar McHenry
Audrey McKee
Austin Melis
Megan Mills
Grace Naylor
Shannon Ney
Owen O’Neill
Russell Parrish
Preston Pennington
Caleb Petty
Sam Prince
Kelly Ratcliff
Julia Robinson
Maggie Roher
Collin Rountree
Caroline Senter
Kayti Stanley
Quinn Swanson
Joshua Thomas
Allie Thompson
Aidan Tones
Olivia Trevino
Amanda Vernon
Cassidy Weeks
Matt Williams
Caitlyn Williamson
Madison Wilson
Zach Wilson
Natasha Wroblewski
Noelle Zoch
Rikki Patrick – Flute
Morgan Mihovil – Piccolo
Chris Chao – Bb Clarinet
Rachel Langdon – Bb Clarinet
Shellie Anderson – Bass Clarinet
Adrian Falco – Alto Saxophone
Zach Gallagher – Alto Saxophone
Sarah Poston – Tenor Saxophone
Sam Brackett – Tenor Saxophone
Sam Lu – Baritone Saxophone
James Antal – Tenor Trombone
Jordan Devera – French Horn
Jacob Gruener – Trumpet
Austin DeLaRua – Trumpet
Taylor Stump – Trumpet
Chris Neagu – Bass Guitar
Matt Bendixen – Percussion
Acosta, Johnny
Archuleta, Leo
Bradshaw, Claburn
Brayley, Daira
Breaux, Leighanne
Broom, Sam
Brown, Justin
Brown, Samantha
Chew, Sara
Cianciolo, Brian
Crawford, Blake
Dillon, Zach
Gaeckler, Charley
Gaspard, Chad
Hamby, Trey
Hartlieb, Tyler
Iyer, Avinash
Kelly, Austin
Krail, Stephanie
Mahon, Emily
McMahon, Emily
Mills, Mitchell
Miniot, Daniel
Nehi, Cody
Otto, Michael
Perry, Meghan
Pike, Jordan
Rosendahl, Kate
Rowley, Merritt
Sager, Meryl
Sinha, Alex
Sokora, Blake
Thomasson, Kyle
Wade, Karen
Wright, Rachel



Tommy Tune Awards at Hobby Center 2004