sadie_hawkinsLi’l Abner is a musical with a book by Norman Panama and Melvin Frank, music by Gene De Paul, and lyrics by Johnny Mercer. Based on the comic strip Li’l Abner by Al Capp, the show is, on the surface, a broad spoof of hillbillies, but it is also a pointed satire on broader topics, ranging from incompetence in the United States federal government to standards of masculinity.

Act I – Overture, A Typical Day, If I Had My Druthers, If I Had My Druthers (reprise), Jubilation T. Cornpone, Jubilation T. Cornpone (encore), Rag Off’n The Bush, Dogpatch Dance, Namely You, Unnecessary Town, What’s Good For General Bullmoose, There’s Room Enough For Us, The Country’s In The Very Best Of Hands, The Country’s In The Very Best Of Hands (encore), Sadie Hawkins Ballet

Act I – Entr’acte, Oh, Happy Day, I’m Past My Prime, Love In A Home, Progress Is The Root Of All Evil, In Society, Progress Is The Root Of All Evil (reprise), Put ’em Back, Namely You (reprise), The Matrimonial Stomp, Put ‘Em Back (reprise), The Matrimonial Stomp (reprise), Jubilation T. Cornpone (Finale)

LI’L ABNER was a popular comic strip that appeared in American News Papers from 1934-1977 and was read at its peak by 60,000,000 people daily. The tale of hillbilly Li’l Abner and his sweet, long suffering girlfriend Daisy Mae was brought to life on Broadway when it originally opened in 1956. The Play takes place in Dogpatch, U.S.A a very small southern town. The husbands of Dogpatch who are otherwise “lean & lanky” volunteer to drink the Yokum Miracle Drug, Yokum Berry Tonic. The Husbands are transformed and beautified into Muscular good-lookinh men. Although excited about their husbands new looks, the wives are disappointed to find that their men no longer have interest in them. They want them turned back!
Drama Director: Bennie Nipper
Drama Assistant: Kathy Powdrell
Vocal Music: Karen Jackson
Choreographer: Debbie White
Accompanist: Jackie Scott
Instrumental Music: Joe Williams
LEADS (in order of appearance)
Gary Fly – Lonesome Polecat
Jim Woods – Hairless Joe
Anthony Brannen – Romeo Scragg
Van Johnson – Clem Scragg
J.J. Hopkins – Alf Scragg
Nona Nelson – Moonbeam McSwine
Tony Hancock – Marryin’ Sam
Lonnie Cole – Earthquake McGoon
Kelly Ferguson – Daisy Mae
Matt Hurchings – Pappy Yokum
Lori Boyd – Mammy Yokum
Mike Yancey – Li’l Abner
John Landers – Mayor Dawgmeat
Van Williams – Senator Jack S. Phogbound
Dale Petersen – Dr. Rasmujssen T. Finsdale
Chris Smith – Government Man
Bobby McDonald – Speedy McRabbit
Tray Crespo – Available Jones
Tori Wicklander – Stupefyin’ Jones
David Florer – Colonel
Jon Morey (U.S.), Mike Williams (Japan), Michael Wallace (Russia) – Radio Commentators
Lonnie Cole – President
Kelly Williams – General Bullmoose
Mary Hahn – First Secretary
Mary Belan – Second Secretary
Kim Kitchell – Third Secretary
Jacquie Porritt – Fourth Secretary
Belinda Swor – Fifth Secretary
Cindy Kasparian – Appassionata Von Climax
Loy Trevino – Evil Eye Fleagle
Jon Morey – Dr. Smithborn
Tim Thronburg – Dr. Krogmeyer
Michael Wallace – Dr. Schleifitz
Tommy Tune Award: The 2005 production of Li’l Abner received thirteen nominations out of a possible fifteen including Best Show which provided our cast the opportunity to perform a number on the stage of the Hobby Center. The show won Best Choreography for the second year in a row much to the delight of the cast and Mrs. Kara Baker our choreographer. The award was accepted by Courtney Dowden and Jessica Strauss.

Producer: Dr. Myrlene Kennedy
Drama Director: Kathy Powdrell
Vocal Music: Janwin Overstreet-Goode
Choreographer: Kara Baker
Accompanist: Cliette Hodges
Instrumental Music: Julio Sanchez

Tommy Tune Awards
10 Nominations[

Li’l Abner: Paul Stuart
Daisy Mae: Caitlin Hales
Mammy Yokum: Molly Black
Pappy Yokum: Mitchell Blanchard
General Bullmoose: David Harris
Marryin’ Sam: Isaac Bourgeois
Earthquake McGoon: Matt McGinley
Senator Phogbound: Andy Feith
Mayor Dawgmeat: Caleb Brown
Moonbeam McSwine: Whitney Smith
Stupefyin’ Jones: Jayme Tiemann
Appassionata: Alyson Currey
Dr. Rasumssen T. Finsdale: Cale Borne
Romeo Scragg: Eric Van Hal
Clem Scragg: Matt Koncaba
Alf Scragg: Justin Ogden
Wives …
Carmen: Michelle Bossert
Marge Courtney Dowden
Pat Katie Davidson
Carol Rachel Mintz
Bonnie Lauren Keeble
Hope Kassie Parker
Dee Dee Eryn Pendley
Lillian Melissa Limmer
Secretaries: Gillian Anderson, Jennifer Barras, Ellen Bruchmiller, Moriah Davidson, Lacie Forsythe, Jill Hughes, Katie Steinhauser



2005 Tommy Tune Awards at the Hobby Center