girl-pants-moonMame is a musical with the book by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee and music and lyrics by Jerry Herman.

Act I – Mame, Light The Candles, We Need A Little Christmas, St. Bridget, It’s Today, It’s Today (Reprise #1), The Moon Song, We Need a Little Christmas (Reprise), The Fox Hunt

Act II – My Best Girl (Reprise), Bosom Buddies, Bosom Buddies (Reprise), Gooch’s Song, That’s How Young I Feel, It’s Today (Reprise #2), If He Walked Into My Life, Open A New Window, My Best Girl

As the curtain opens, young Patrick, accompanied by his nanny, Agnes Gooch, is arriving in New York City. Recently orphaned, the boy has come to live with his Auntie Mame. He soon learns that, while Mame loves him, she is far from being a model of conventional motherhood. His aunt wants Patrick to participate in life with a capital L, and she has the wealth to provide the schooling and every other type of experience she thinks he needs.The trustee of Patrick’s inheritance, however, sees Mame as a bad influence and orders that the boy be sent away for a proper education. When the stock market crash leaves her almost destitute, Mame must struggle to keep up a relationship with her beloved nephew. Her attempts to work prove disastrous, but she does acquire a wealthy husband.Mame’s biggest challenge comes when she learns that the now grown Patrick has cast aside her openness to life and become a social snob. What happens to reunite Auntie Mame and her “best beau” will amuse and amaze you.