My-Fair-LadyMy Fair Lady is a musical based upon George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, with book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner and music by Frederick Loewe.

SONG LIST: Why Can’t The English, Wouldn’t It Be Loverly, Elizabeths Entrance, With A Little Bit Of Luck, I’m An Ordinary Man, Just You Wait, The Rain In Spain, I Could Have Danced All Night, Ascot Gavotte, On The Street Where You Live, You Did It, Show Me,Show Me Reprise, Get Me To The Church On Time, A Hymn To Him, Without You, Servant Song, I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face, Come To The Ball, The Embassy Waltz, Just You Wait Reprise

Henry Higgins is a Professor of languages and a rather snobbish and arrogant man. A visiting colleague, Colonel Pickering, makes him a bet that he can’t take a “commoner” and turn her into someone who would not be completely out of place in the social circles of upper-class English society.
Producer: Dr. Myrlene Kennedy
Drama Director: Kathy Powdrell
Vocal Music: Jane Ann Quevedo
Choreographer: Rebecca Fischer
Accompanist: Laurie Purcell
Instrumental Music: Bob MacWilliams

LEADS (in order of appearance)
Michael Antonini, Paula Brown, Angela Griffin, Amanda Halverosn, Ben Norris, Daryl Williamson – Buskers
Truley Welch – Mrs. Enysford Hill
Brooke Beauchamp – Eliza Doolittle
Gavin Everett – Freddy Enysford-Hill
John Todd Ramsey – Colonel Pickering
Jared Bourgeois, Seth Fewell, Amber Frock, Tamara Holmes, Anna Lentz, John Panzarella, Angela St. John, Trevor Ward – Servants
Eric Barcak, Craig Brown – Bystanders
Kevin Held – Henry Higgins
Billy Simons – Selsey Man
Wes Hickey – Hoxton Man
Ryan Maslak – First Cockney
John Panzarella – Second Cockney
Brian Jarrell – Third Cockney
Michael McDonald – Bartender
Shawn Pace – Harry
Justin Weatherall – Jamie
Chris Blessitt – Alfred P. Doolittle
Shelly Sturgis – Angry Woman
Brad Boyer – Angry Man
Chrisi Tatum Black – Mrs. Pearce
Shauna McLean – Mrs. Hopkins
Mary Ellisor – Maid #1
Molly Wissinger – Maid #2
Ross McDaniel – Butler
Christina Roberts – Mrs. Higgins
Wade Hanegan – Chauffeur Charles
John Leavesley, Mark Martinsen – Footman
Adam Smith – Steward #1
Michael Antonini – Steward #2
Ben Bowman – Lord Boxington
Jamie Boone – Lady Boxington
Allison Dyke – Flower Girl
Josh Kirklin – Zoltan Karpathy
Carly Cinciripini – Queen of Transylvania
Jessie Thomas – Mrs. Higgins’ Maid
Andrew DiBello – Constable[/column]

Tommy Tune Award: The 2008 production of My Fair Lady received twelve nominations out of a possible fifteen, including Best Show, which provided our cast members the opportunity to prepare segments of “Get Me to the Church on Time.” Four cast members received Best Supporting Actress (2) and Best Supporting Actor (2) nominations.

Producer: Dr. Myrlene Kennedy
Drama Director: Kathy Powdrell
Vocal Music: Janwin Overstreet-Goode
Choreographer: Melissa Jones
Accompanist: Laure Purcell
Instrumental Music: Julio Sanchez
Henry Higgins Nick Vennekotter
Eliza Doolittle Carly Taylor
Colonel Pickering Chase Borne
Mrs. Higgins Heather Limmer
Freddy Eynsford-Hill Ryan Frenk
Alfred P. Doolittle Luke Landers
Professor Zoltan Karpathy Seth Ramsey
Mrs. Pearce Leanna Swain
Jamie Zane Forsythe
Harry James VanMatre
Servants Chorus Emma Baker, Austin Campbell, Colin David (Butler), Rachel Davidson *, Catherine Goode *, Kristen Moffatt, Andy Newton, Christian Stran, Elizabeth Swiggett, Emily Townsend – * 2 maids for I Could Have Danced
Cockney Quartet Sean Jordan, Colton Royle, Derek Schilling, Allen Kirkpatrick
Mrs. Eynsford-Hill Jennifer Finch
Queen of Transylania Jayde Malone
Mrs. Hopkins Andrea Richards
Lord Boxington Charles Easterly
Lady Boxington Teagan Batts
Flower Girl Lizzy Conger

Jeff Allison
Jeff Anderson
Justin Barringer
Lucas Bevan
Audrey Bounds
Beth Brinkman
Alicia Chidester
Mason Conrad
Allison Corcoran
Blythe Dever
Ashley Dinjar
Meredith Dubose
Emily Faber
Melissa Feith
Stephen Feith
Chris Glass
Kyndal Goza
Taylor Grady
Josh Griffon
Abbey Griffon
Jackson Griffon
Chris Hailey
Kenton Hannemann
Chris Harris
Grace Hawkins
Meagan Holmes
Kaylee Huff
Jessica Kirkland
Daniel Kriel
Solange Mainer
Jonathan Miller
Del Murphy
Michelle Nalepa
Paula Nesrsta
Lauren Parker
Ben Peck
Stephanie Porter
Hannah Schultz
Daniel Segrera
Brooke Stephens
Thuy Tran
Allison Unger
Hannah Vaughn
Courtney Vernon
Alex Williams
Zachary Wimer
Zach Zeringue
Lacy Eason
Erin Slade
Rajesh Soodeen
Abbie Arribe
Adam Valdez
Rebecca Forsyth
Matt Cox
Cheryl Bueche
Lauren Calvert
Freddy Patrick
Clark Hibbs
Paul Cimini
Justin Strickland
Blake James
Andy Morrow
Ian Steinke
Sam Taylor
Daniel Brownfield
Ryan Berry
Dylan Bynum
Chase Crouse
Amy Jo Foreman
Brian Gallagher
Sarah Gibson
Micheal Graham
Lauren Hendershot
Maria Hochwarter
Kelsei Howison
Trevor Janecek
Lauren Krause
Demitri Likomitros
Matthew McVey
Ryan Miniot
Chris Nesrsta
Natalie Payne
Brittany Peden
Kelli Philp
Kristin Prather
Alex Rickard
Nathan Roberts
Morton Sager
Chandler Sager
Catie Steele
Emily Tiemann
Micah Tiemann
David Turner
Andrew Vivero
Grace Worm


2008 Tommy Tune Awards at the Hobby Center