ShowBoatShow Boat is a 1927 musical in two acts, with music by Jerome Kern and book and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II and based on Edna Ferber’s bestselling novel of the same name,

Act I – • Cotton Blossom • Cap’n Andy’s ballyhoo • Where’s the mate for me • Make believe • Ol’ Man River • Can’t help lovin’ dat man • Life on the wicked stage • Till good luck comes my way • Mis’ry’s comin’ aroun’ I would like to play a lover’s part I might fall back on you • Queenie’s ballyhoo • Villain dance • You are love

Act II – • At the fair • Why do I love you? • In Dahomey • Convent scene • Bill • Can’t help lovin’ dat man (reprise) • Trocadero opening chorus Apache dance • Goodbye, my lady love • After the ball • Ol’ man river (reprise) • Hey, feller • You are love (reprise) • Cotton Blossom (reprise) • It’s getting hotter in the north • Yes, ma’am • Kim’s imitations (why do I love you?) • Dance away the night • A pack of cards • Creole love song • Out there in an orchard• Gallivantin’ aroun’ I have the room above her • Ah still suits me Nobody else but me

Showboat is a musical treasure that beautifully paints a portrait of the ugliness of racism, marital discord and abandonment. And it is a story of love proclaimed in songs that have become standards in American musical literature SHOW BOAT covers one of the most dramatic eras in American history and spans four decades to tell its panoramic, romantic story of the Cotton Blossom floating theater, the Hawks family and their show boat troupe of actors.
Producer: Dr. Myrlene Kennedy
Drama Director: Bennie Nipper
Vocal Music: Barbara Hazelip
Choreographer: Debbie White
Instrumental Music: Ralph Luethy
LEADS (in order of appearance)
Tim Aurand – Windy
Mark Gill – Steve
Lee Maaz – Pete
Cindy Thompson – Queenie
Nona Nelson – Parthy Ann Hawkes
Van Williams – Captain Andy Hawks
Amber Nichols – Ellie
Matt Hutchings – Frank
Ronnie Lockridge – Rubberface
Kelly Ferguson – Julie
Tim Thornburg – Gaylord Ravenal
Kevin Harris – Vallon
Laurie Womack – Magnolia Hawkes Ravenal
Jerry Kowalchik – Joe
Shawn Perry, Tommy Woods – Backwoodsman
Jem Woods – Jed
Jon Morey, Jack Williams – Barkers
Mary Belan, Missy Gutierrez, Mary Ann Garcia, Kelly Stine – Congress of Beauties
Kathy Bloyd – Ethel
Shari Evans – Landlady
Jon Morey – Jim
Jami Fleetwood – Jackie
Brandon Bridwell – Delivery Boy
Bobby McDonald – Charlie
Lynn Morgan – Mary
Chad Smith – Waiter
Mary Kay Newbrough – Lottie
David Ellis – Doctor
Dawn Allee – Kim
J.J. Hopkins – Piano Player
Clyde Echols – Bartender
Clint Cole – Conductor
Producer: Dr. Myrlene Kennedy
Drama Director: Bennie Nipper
Vocal Music: Jane Ann Quevedo
Choreographer: Isabel Brandt
Accompanist: Elaine Manning
Instrumental Music: Joey Bernsen
LEADS (in order of appearance)
Ryan McWhorter – Windy
Mike Hughes – Steve
Sam Boone – Pete
Sonja Easterbrook – Queenie
Kristan Johnson – Parthy Ann Hawkes
Owen Egerton – Cap’n Andy
Christi Gilchrist – Ellie May Chipley
Andy Andrew – Frank
Danny Seckel – Rubberface
Betsy Monlezun – Julie Laverne
Kevin Kabell – Gaylord Ravenal
Jason Huff – Vallon
Sally Littlefield – Magnolia Hawkes Ravenal
Sterling Schmutz – Joe
Toby Smith – Backwoodsman
John Requardt – Jeb
Tabitha Rojas – La Belle Fatima
Brance Fustes – Old Sport
Kristen Santilli – Landlady
Melissa Prihoda – Ethel
Abbie Broughton – Kim
Jerry Van Dyke – Jake, Piano Player
Karl Ulbrich – Jim Greene
Kyle Roberts – Man With Guitar
Bo Goodgame – Charlie
Laurie Hearn – Lottie
Angie Rodgers – Dolly
Michelle Blair – Hazel