sewingmachine1The Pajama Game is a musical based on the novel 7½ Cents by Richard Bissell. It features a score by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross.

Act I – • The Pajama Game • Racing with the Clock • A New Town is a Blue Town • Racing with the Clock – Reprise • Im Not at All in Love • I’ll Never be Jealous Again • Hey There • Her Is • Sleep Tite • Once a Year-Day (and polka) Her Is – Reprise • Small Talk • There Once Was a Man (I love You More) • Factory Music • Slow Down

Act II – • Steam Heat • Small Talk • Hey There – reprise • Factory Music • Think of the Time I Save Hernando’s Hideaway • I’ll Never Be Jealous Again – Hey There • Seven and a Half Cents • Rush Music • There Once Was a Man – Reprise • The Pajama Game • Seven and a Half Cents – Reprise

A strike is imminent at the Sleep-Tite Pajama Factory. The Union is seeking a wage rise of seven and a half cents an hour. Sid and Babe are in opposite camps yet a romance is born between them. At first Babe rejects him and Sid is forced to confide his feelings to a dictaphone. During the picnic for the factory workers he makes better progress but their estrangement is reinforced when they return to the factory. A go-slow is staged by the Union, strongly supported by Babe. Sid, as factory superintendent, demands an ‘honest day’s work’ and threatens to fire slackers. Babe is enraged by his attitude and kicks her foot into the machinery, causes a general breakdown and is immediately fired by Sid. Hines, the popular efficiency expert, is in love with Gladys the President’s secretary. Periodically, he brings a more optimistic outlook to the life of the factory. Becoming convinced that Babe’s championship of the Union is justified, Sid simulates an interest in Gladys by taking her out for the evening to the night club, Hernando’s Hideaway. Through her help he is eventually able to gain access to the firm’s books and discovers that the boss has been adding to his price the pay increase demanded by the workers. Sid then brings about his boss, Hasler’s, consent to a pay rise and is able to bring peace to the factory and to his love life. Everyone goes out to celebrate – at Hernando’s Hideaway.
Producer: Dr. Myrlene Kennedy
Drama Director: Bennie Nipper
Vocal Music: Jane Ann Quevedo
Choreographer: Sondra Schaaf
Accompanist: Elaine Manning
Instrumental Music: Joey Bernsen
LEADS (in order of appearance)
Owen Egerton – Vernon Hines
Christopher M. Mezzino – Prez
Ryan McWhorter – Joe
Chad Harris – Hasler
Wendi Rodgers – Gladys
Rhett Perry – Sid Sorokin
Kristan Johnson – Mabel
Sam Boone – First Helper
Toby Smith – Charlie
Sally Littlefield – Babe Williams
Melanie Schumtz – Mae
Jill Munt – Brenda
Betsy Monlezun – Poopsie
Mike Hughes – Max
Gerald Clanton – Pop
Producer: Dr. Myrlene Kennedy
Drama Director: Kathy Powdrell
Vocal Music: Jane Ann Quevedo
Choreographer: Barbie Parker
Accompanist: Laurie Purcell
Instrumental Music: Julio Sanchez
LEADS (in order of appearance)
Chris Harris – Sid Sorokin
B.J. Warminski – Vernon Hines
Bobby Kirkpatrick – Prez
Conor O’Neill – Joe
Todd Norris – Hasler
Luke Kirkwood – Charlie
Kevin Pierson – Pop
David Deatherage – Max
Megan Shuffle – Gladys
Katie Purcell – Mabel
Jessica Richards – Mae
Denise Williamson – Poopsie
Jessica Schmale – Brenda
Sarah Salinas – Sara
Addie Robinson – Virginia
Katie Clarke – Babe Williams


Russell Kessling Mikel Wiseman
Kenneth Carper Corey Morrison
Keel Curtis Stephanie Hite
Tracy Kelly Jeff Perillo
J.D. Rodriguez Adam Smith
Angely Spradley Robert Wang
Kevin Yohn Jenny Krajca
Ryan Campbell Adnrew Mize
Jeremy Morgan Kasi Hobratachk
Stephanie Gaudiano Keith Raney
Micah Peacock Christ Smith
Zack Salinas Travis Wooton
Tim Thornton


Elizabeth Antonini Mary Beth Townsend
Robert Bossert Elliot Barcak
Colette Currie Caleb Brown
Leslie Finley Amy Ellisor
Abby Huffman Katie Herbek
Nikole Hunt Kenton Kirkpatrick
John Jordan Charlie Trenchard
Kristen Koncaba Andrew Nesrsta
Michael Lowe Angely Mendoza
Patrick Riveron Allison Hunter
Abrahim Sameei Seth Rowlands
Jeff Van Hal Ashley Stuart
Courtney Smith Michael Woodson
Lauren Evans Henna Tayyeb
Blair Beltz Chris Arolfo
Nathan Brown Alison Brauer
Whitney Fields Casidy Dutcher
Suzi Hickey Becky Frock
Kandice Thrift Lauren Kyle
Brian Y’Barbo Rachel Kyle
Kyle Young Andrew Limmer
Meghan Jarrell Celina Lopez
Ryan Mora Kira Morris
Sami Montemayor Sam Robinson
Ashley Osborn Erin Scott
Jennifer Richards Bethany Williams
Victoria Wheeler
Henna Tayyeb
Tommy Tune Award: The 2012 production of The Pajama Game received twelve nominations out of a possible fourteen, including Best Musical, which provided the cast the opportunity to perform “Once a Year Day” on the stage of the Hobby Center. The show won Best Scenic Design. The award was accepted by Tyler Hartlieb and Claburn Bradshaw. Mason Patterson proudly accepted the Best Supporting Actor Award for his performance of Hines and Elisabeth Del Toro won a $3000 scholarship. The Best Actor and Best Actress nominations gave Tommy Stuart and Elisabeth Del Toro the opportunity to perform on the stage of the Hobby Center.

Producer: Dr. Myrlene Kennedy
Drama Director: Kathy Powdrell
Vocal Music: Janwin Overstreet-Goode
Choreographer: Ashley Marmaro
Accompanist: Luke Kirkwood
Instrumental Music: Julio Sanchez

Best Musical
Best Direction
Best Choreography
Best Musical Direction
Best Orchestra
Best Scenic Design
Best Lighting Design
Best Crew and Technical Execution
Best Ensemble
Best Leading Actor – Tommy Stuart / Sid Sorokin
Best Leading Actress – Elisabeth Del Toro / Babe
Best Supporting Actor – Mason Patterson / Vernon Hines
Hines: Mason Patterson
Prez: Kenny Boggs
Hasler: Caleb Wimer
Gladys: Anna Drake
Sid Sorokin: Tommy Stuart
Mabel: Haley Holtje
Charlie: Max Bowen
Babe Williams: Elisabeth Del Toro
Mae: Jillian Landers
Brenda: Victoria Vaughn
Poopsie: Claiborne Tomlinson
Max, a Salesman: Nathan Stevens
Pop: Brady Wells
Box Boys: Michael Gregory, Jon Olansen
1st Helper: Vinnie Mahal
2nd Helper: Kyle Sanders

Abraham, Brittany
Allison, Shelby
Arribe, Aaron
Balderrama, Anne
Batts, Rayme
Beazley, Emily
Beckman, Troy
Bonnen, Janae
Borne, Conner
Bretos, Evan
Brinkman, Zach
Burke, Michael
Buzbee, Liz
Collins, Chris
Conger, Julia
Cox, Kayla
Crow, Christy
Culver, Lucinda
Delka, Kalli
Dickens, Dylan
Dolezal, Brittany
Foster, Kristen
Froneberger, Marissa
Garvin, Tatum
Gates, Josh
Griffon, Lane
Harclerode, Katherine
Henderson, Mackenzie
Herder, Ellie
Hoang, Uyen
Hodge, Kevin
Hoff, Haley
Holloway, Aaron
Hughes, Regan
Johnston, Heather
Karam, Joann
Karam, Jordan
Khan, Hadee
Kowis, Emily
Landers, Jana
Lipscomb, James
Markley, Bryan
McHenry, Samantha
McKee, Audrey
Melis, Austin
Mills, Megan
Naylor, Grace
Peden, Noah
Petty, Caleb
Plackemeier, Jenny
Ratcliff, Kelly
Robinson, Julia
Roher, Maggie
Royle, Jamie
Semple, Alexandra
Senter, Caroline
Solar, Amanda
Stanley, Kayti
Taube, Caleb
Tones, Connor
Vernon, Amanda
Weeks, Cassedy
Williamson, Caitlyn
Wilson, Andrew
Wilson, Zach
Wroblewski, Nattie
Yawn, Jon
Zimmermann, Madeline
Zurawski, David
Rikki Patrick – Flute
Morgan Mihovil – Piccolo
Chelsea Coleman – Bassoon
Rachel Langdon – Bb Clarinet
Julianna Strickland – Bb Clarinet
Ben Clements – Alto Saxophone
Jeremy Bass – Tenor Saxophone
Jackson Senter – Baritone Saxophone
Samantha Genzer – Bass Clarinet
Brittany Cumming – Bass Clarinet
Jacob Gruener – Trumpet
Taylor Stump – Trumpet
Austin de la Rua – Trumpet
Zach Zimmerman – Trombone
James Antal – Trombone
Shane Rothchild – Trombone
Caleb White – Bass Guitar
Scott Morse – Guitar
Garrett Bynum – Drumset/Percussion
Darian Larsen – Drumset/Percussion