Sponsor: Corey Truman
Co-Sponsor: Rachel Hults

Class Ring Orders

FHS will be conducting a Class Ring Order Night on Wednesday, October 28, 2020 from 5:00pm - 7:00pm for anyone interested in ordering a class ring. Students will receive an order packet during their English class prior to this evening. Virtual students may pick up a packet at the FHS Visitor's desk. Balfour representatives will be on campus in the FR mall next to the Auditorium to answer any questions, assist with sizing, and receive payment. Please see the attached flyer and video link.


President: Erica Howard
V President: Grant Newmann
Treasurer: Kelli Mulloy
Secretary: Taylor Thomas

College Visitation: For Juniors and Seniors only

Limit 2 per school year. Please complete the top portion of the College Day & Military Visits Form & Information and have all your teachers sign off before your visit to ensure they are aware of your absence. You are required to make up all school work. Turn in the completed form (except for the signatures of the Principal and Attendance) to Principal Griffon’s office prior to your absence.
** You must bring a verification letter (on official letterhead) from the college for your absence to be excused and not count against exemptions.
The deadline for taking a college day is May 1.