Please see the guidelines below to determine which volunteers/chaperones will need to complete a criminal history check.

GRADES PK-5: all volunteers/chaperones will attend a training, sign an agreement and be background checked.  The training’s are being conducted at the campus level and are basing their presentation off a district provided power-point.  When the person attends the training, they sign the statement and background check. Volunteers/chaperones may begin serving as soon as they have signed the agreement.  They do not have to wait on HR.

Volunteers/chaperones are defined as having direct contact with students.  Lunch visitors, party visitors or other campus-wide events (Rocket Readers, Mother’s Day Makeovers, Mystery Reader) are consider visitors not volunteers and do not have to go through the process.  We are not requiring volunteers who participate in a PTO sponsored events such as a school carnival or social event to complete background checks.

GRADES 6-12 Chaperones: will complete a background check.  There will be a grace period this fall to complete the process.  Beginning January 1, 2019, only chaperones that have completed and cleared the background check will be used in school sponsored events.

Secondary parent chaperones are defined as having direct responsibility over a group of students. This can include events occurring at the campus or off campus.  For example school socials, trips, parents assigned duty with a group (i.e. security for Wranglerettes, parents in football stands for band).

All FISD employees and active substitutes do not have to complete the background check form because FISD is subscribed to their fingerprints and notified immediately by DPS of any criminal activity.

Please click the links below to download our Volunteer Form and to see the guidelines we use to determine eligibility.

For volunteer training, please contact your campus directly.